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Hosted Solutions

Cutting-edge technologies to keep you ahead of the game

Rather than hosting your business applications on local on-premises servers, in most cases moving it to the cloud makes a lot of sense for various reasons like enhanced reliability, performance, security and ease of maintenance. SSIT can assist in migrating and hosting your critical business applications in either in Public Cloud (Microsoft Azure) or Private Cloud (your own server residing inside a Data Centre)

Hosted Solutions from SSIT allow you to get the best-in-class technology you need to prosper, without the pain of purchasing, licensing, and hosting your own applications - we’ll take care of it for you.

SSIT’s Hosted Solutions offer:
Opt for SSIT’s Hosted Solutions for:

Accessibility - gain access to your files from anywhere, at any time

Efficiency - guaranteed with the latest technology and applications

Scalability - customised solutions to suit your exact needs

Security - our hosted environment is protected by multiple security layers

Hosted Solutions from SSIT can give your company new capabilities to improve day-to-day business operations without the prohibitive start-up costs usually associated with new technology.

Move to the cloud with the help of experts in Cloud Hosted Solutions10.