Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

Migrating Email Hosting to Cloud just got easier in Sydney

Reasons to migrate email hosting:

If the features provided by your existing Managed Exchange Cloud Hosting are inadequate. Microsoft Office 365 offers a robust and fully featured email hosting solution. It get's constantly updated to the latest versions by Microsoft themselves. Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

You no longer have to keep the old on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server running in your office. No need to pay an IT Company to manage your in house email server

Email Migration Process:
  • Create and activate new Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Account
  • Order the required number of correct license type which is right for your business
  • Create Mailboxes, Aliases, Distribution Groups and Shared Mailbxes
  • Migration Software moves the emails from the old mailbox to the new one
  • Once all mailboxes have migrated across, we update the DNS records
  • New Outlook profile set up on all computers, mobile phones, iPad's etc
Benefits of using SSIT's Email Migration Service:
  • No interruption to email service
  • No emails are lost in the process as we perform a Delta Pass
  • Passwords for new mailboxes are recorded and a copy provided to you
  • Ensure all mailboxes are transferred across
  • Confirm all devices can send/receive emails and are synced up with the email / contact / calendar history
  • SSIT's Engineer will manage the project end to end, so you don't have to stress at all

Fixed Price Service (sliding scale based on number of mailboxes) Peace of mind professionally managed end to end process

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