Microsoft Office 365 Setup

Cloud-based business productivity tools

Companies of all sizes today, not just small and medium business are looking for powerful web applications to make the most of their time, boost productivity and work more efficiently. SSIT offers Microsoft Office 365 Business plans with robust capabilities, all in a single package. Best of all, we manage the Migration to Office 365 from beginning to end

With cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 Business solutions from SSIT, your employees can access work files from virtually anywhere, and from any device, allowing them to stay productive while on the go.

SSIT's Microsoft Office 365 solutions include:
  • File storage and sharing
  • Online versions of Office
  • Corporate social networking
  • Unlimited online meetings
  • Business class email, calendar, and contacts
  • ...and much more
SSIT’s Microsoft Office 365 solutions offer:
  • Productivity - get more work done by sharing files with colleagues
  • Cost Effective - no need to maintain your on-premises Exchange Server, so reduced IT Management Costs
  • Upgrades - are performed by Microsoft themselves at no extra charge to you, so you don't need to upgrade your Email Server every few years
  • Flexibility - you can access your emails from anywhere, any device, without the need for installing Microsoft Outlook
  • Convenience - take your work with you wherever you go
  • Security - with multi-layered file encryption
  • Support - we work around the clock to solve any problems you may encounter
  • Compliance - stay compliant with industry regulations and standards

Streamline business workflow and drive more productivity.