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Free IT Assessment

A strong IT Assessment is crucial to smart decision-making about planned modifications, implementing new technologies in your business, as well as supporting your current infrastructure efficiently. This is where a IT Assessment from SSIT comes in.

An IT Assessment involves checking the following:

  • Servers: type, number, age and purpose of Server(s) you are using
  • Email Hosting: to see if you are using Exchange on-premises, Exchange in the Cloud, Office 365, POP or IMAP hosting. The number of mailboxes you have and the features you require will determine what email solution we recommend for your needs
  • Computers: a very quick look at the age, type and function of the PC’s, Laptops and Thin Clients you are using
  • Internet Connection: checking the speed of your current Internet Connection. Although NBN is getting popular, a lot of small businesses still use ADSL2+, which has a very slow upload speed (by design). If you are using VoIP phones, remote access or lots of Cloud Services, then you need a better business grade connection with faster upload speeds. We can then do a line qualification test and give you an obligation free quote on a better internet connection
  • Remote Access: checking what method you are using for remote access: Remote Desktop Connection, VPN or simple cloud file sharing solutions like Dropbox or Microsoft’s One Drive. Depending on your company size and remote access requirements of your business, we can suggest the appropriate remote access solution for you
    Networking Equipment: check to see if you are using business grade Modem Router or cheap consumer grade WiFi modem that comes free when you sign up on an Internet Connection Plan with Telstra or Optus. Also, checking the Network Switch to see if it’s Gigabit speed, managed or unmanaged etc
  • Anti Virus: check to see if you are using a Corporate Grade centrally managed Cloud based proper Anti Virus & Internet Security Solution, or just a de-centralized, expiring at different times, consumer grade product
  • Line of Business Application Software: finding out the Software you are using to run your business. CRM Software, Accounting Package, job monitoring system etc. This will determine if you need a server, and if you do, then what specifications it needs to have based on the number of users in your business
  • Backup Strategy: to determine how your data is currently being backed up. Is it a manual or automated process? Is it Monitored by a professional IT company? How confident are you that you can recover from a disaster when restoring data & software from a backup. Do you have Offsite Automated backup over the internet or are you using manual USB drives. We sincerely hope and pray that no one is using tape drives any more 🙂
  • Spam Junk Emails: what solution, if any, are you using for filtering the Junk & Spam Emails full of Viruses that come in to our mailboxes everyday. Is your server fighting the nasties or are you using a third party Spam Filtering Solution like the one we offer: SSIT’s Spam Filter
  • Pain Points: asking you what keeps you up at night, what’s not working as you would like it to. Asking what’s important to you when selecting an IT Support Company


We quickly identify pain points and unveil security gaps in your IT. Then we make recommendations on what IT solutions you should be using. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to optimize your network that we’re willing to offer a FREE IT Assessment so you can experience the SSIT difference. No strings attached, no after-sales calls.

No time is wasted going back and forth, an On the Spot Quote is provided for both “fixing” your network (site re-mediation) initially and also ongoing maintenance and support. That is why it is extremely important for the decision maker to be present.

We believe in Smart Solutions, which means continue using what you currently have and is already working well. Change only the critical items initially, then progressively invest in business grade technology we recommend to improve your IT network in the future

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