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Cyber Security Tips

IT Network Security Service Provider Sydney

Cyber Security Tips

  • DO NOT click on links in suspicious emails;
  • DO NOT go to suspicious websites on work computers;
  • DO NOT check unprotected personal emails on work computers;
  • DO NOT save data on local C:\ drive or My Documents; save to network drive (if you are on a server environment) or One Drive folder which gets synced to the cloud
  • Passwords: We recommend changing passwords every 3 months as a minimum. Do not use the same password for everything you do. We do offer a Password Manager program which allows you to not remember any passwords. It uses complex auto-generated passwords, which significantly improves security.
  • Do not give out any server Administrator password to third party software vendors directly. Ask us to create a temporary login that we can disable later.
  • Cyber Security Insurance: no matter how much security we put on, hackers are finding new ways to penetrate your system. We strongly recommend that you speak to your insurer to add Cyber Security cover to your business insurance policy.


Cyber Security is our # 1 concern at the moment. Just a few years ago, all your company data and emails resided on your on-premises server in your office. It was much easier to secure your data. As you do more and more in the Cloud, the security risk has significantly increased (and de-centralized).

The cyber landscape is rapidly changing and our Security Stack will continue to adapt to the new threats as they come about. Our security stack currently consists of:


Which all clients Must-Have:
  1. Managed Workstations: Remote Monitoring & Management of your Workstations (not just the servers) is important. Cyber Attacks are increasingly coming in from the users’ computers and managed Windows Security Updates and 24/7 monitoring is required.
  2. Anti Virus
  3. Web Protection (to block malicious links & Content Filtering)
  4. Spam Filter (to get rid of Junk emails before they hit your inbox)
  5. Datto Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
  6. Multi Factor Authentication for Office 365 Email Accounts


Which are recommended to further enhance your security:

  • Email Backup
  • Dark Web Domain Monitoring
  • Managed Network Router
  • Password Manager Program

By acting on our recommendations and putting security measures in place, it will significantly enhance your company’s Cyber Security profile. Please contact us for recommendations for your specific setup.

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