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IT Security

Cyber Security is our # 1 concern at the moment. Just a few years ago, all your company data and emails resided on your on-premises server in your office. It was much easier to secure your data. As you do more and more in the Cloud, the security risk has significantly increased (and de-centralized).The cyber landscape is rapidly changing and our Security Stack will continue to adapt to the new threats as they come about.

SSIT can put together a comprehensive security solution to protect your business. Each business's risk profile is different, therefore we need to assess your situation first. Our current IT Security Solution Stack protects most businesses

Our Security Stack:


Which all clients Must-Have:

  • Remote Monitoring & Management of your Workstations & Servers is super critical: Cyber Attacks are increasingly coming in from the users’ computers and managed Windows Security Updates and 24/7 monitoring and alerting is needed for proactive maintenance.
  • Anti Virus
  • Web Protection (to block malicious links & Content Filtering)
  • Spam Filter ($4 per mailbox per month)
  • Datto Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution (starting at $199 per month)
  • Multi Factor Authentication for all Microsoft Office 365 users



Which are recommended to further enhance your security:

  • Email Backup ($5 per mailbox per month)
  • Dark Web Domain Monitoring ($49 per domain per month)
  • Managed Network Router ($95 per month, one off device cost ~ $550 & Setup Fee $600)
  • Password Manager Program ($6 per user per month, $75 per user one-off setup fee)


If applicable, other security measures like SSL secured VPN and RDP may be applicable.

Contact us for more information about enhancing your business’s Cyber Security Profile