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Email and Spam Protection

Stop cyber security threats in their tracks

We all send and receive emails on a daily basis, whether for internal company communication or to provide customer support – there’s no denying its importance to our business communications. Yet the benefits of email also come with security risks from unprotected usage. SSIT’s Email and Spam Protection services provide powerful and affordable solutions for complete protection of your email infrastructure.

Our services use intelligent filters to block out and quarantine questionable emails before they enter your network. Get all the emails you need to operate your business and ditch the spam with Email and Protection solutions from SSIT.

Keep spam out of your inbox

Spam emails are the kind you really don’t want in your network systems. Our intelligent filter helps reduce the number of unwanted emails clogging up your inbox, by moving them into the junk folder. You can greatly reduce the risk of hacker attacks and viruses by keeping spam emails out of your systems.

Stop all email threats

In addition to spam emails, our security solutions also scan your email for phishing attacks, malware and viruses. All questionable emails are quarantined in our network. You will receive a detailed report containing a list of quarantined messages in real time.

Email and Spam Protection solutions from SSIT offer:

Smart filtering - trash emails that contain viruses, phishing frauds, and malware

Improved email access - with advanced search options and message archiving

Customised scanning - use your system’s resources to their highest potential

User-friendly interface - simple-to-use email indexing for easy access

Logs - ability for admins to see each and every email going in and out of your organisation

Don’t let security threats fall through the cracks.