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Office IT Relocation

For businesses in Greater Sydney Region

If  your business relocating (or if you are setting up a new business or renovating), we can help with the IT infrastructure setup

Turnkey solution to relocation of your business IT Systems

Some of the tasks involved in an IT Relocation

Planning working back from the scheduled move in date

Co-ordinating with Telco Carrier for ordering a new / relocation of your internet connection

Electrical & Data Cabling dealing with your builder / preferred Electrician to ensure cabling is done beforehand

Disconnection of IT equipment Servers, Data Cabinet, network switches etc

Safe Transport of equipment: Removalist's to bubble wrap sensitive equipment like hard drives

Reconnection of equipment: Connecting all equipment and testing

Relocate your business with confidence

Having professionals plan and handle your business IT relocation will ensure you have no unexpected surprises and therefore potential downtime

Planning is the key to a successful IT relocation