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Server Virtualisation

Server Virtualisation to free up your office space to focus on business growth

Server Virtualisation – the conversion of one physical server into several individual and isolated virtual spaces that can be taken up by multiple users as per their respective requirements. The days when physical servers were a business’s only data storage option are long gone. Advancements in technology have brought us virtual servers, meaning bulky infrastructure is now a thing of the past. And Virtualisation solutions from SSIT allow you to separate IT resources from your in-house environment by virtualising data and delivering it over the Internet.

SSIT’s Virtualisation solutions transform your internal technology without disrupting your business operations. We can virtualise anything from applications to laptop hardware and entire networks.

How our Virtualisation solutions can help you

We provide customised Server Virtualisation solutions to give you more flexibility and better performance than ever before. Our solutions are as unique as your business and allow you to transfer server workloads from one virtual workspace to the next, maximising your resources and memory limit depending on your requirements.

Opt for Virtualisation solutions from SSIT for:

Reduced costs - less hardware means lower IT expenses

Increased uptime - become fully functional after a disaster

Enhanced performance - with more capability than you’d ever have room for

Green credentials - lower electricity bills by using fewer servers

Make more efficient use of your infrastructure.