What Advantages Does Outsourcing Managed IT Security Services Offer?

Outsourcing Managed IT Security Services

Have you given any thought to using managed IT security services for your company? If not, it’s definitely worth considering. 

With the world becoming increasingly reliant on internet technologies, the number of potential targets for cybercriminals is undeniably on the rise. Cybersecurity attacks are becoming more sophisticated and insidious, making it essential for businesses to focus on strengthening the security of their networks, databases, and systems. 

However, this is no easy or inexpensive task. Hiring a professional internal cybersecurity team or training the existing IT services team to focus on cybersecurity are both viable options, but they are time-consuming and costly. Managed IT security services, also known as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), may be a potential solution to this challenge. 

The benefits that Managed Security Services for IT can provide:

1. Far More Cost-Efficient

The main reason why managed IT security services are a popular choice is their affordability. Compared to other options for managing cybersecurity, utilising managed IT security services is notably less expensive. Building a Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) in-house or hiring an external cybersecurity team, which typically comes as a whole unit, can cost mid-to-large organisations over $1 million. 

Additionally, businesses that opt for these solutions will be responsible for managing the individuals providing the services and ensuring their teams have access to the latest technology upgrades. In contrast, MSSPs offer their services at a significantly lower cost, can be hired on an as-needed basis, and can work with multiple businesses simultaneously. Moreover, their fees are flexible and depend on the client’s needs and the specific task at hand.

2. Experience, Knowledge, Versatility

As previously discussed, MSSPs are not limited to a single client and are skilled in handling a wide range of cybersecurity issues. They operate around the clock, continually monitoring the systems they are tasked with securing, and are capable of identifying vulnerabilities across multiple platforms. This enables them to identify potential weak points in a company’s networks, data, or systems.

Thanks to their experience, MSSPs are adept at identifying and mitigating advancing threats. Through their effective tracking, most cybersecurity attacks can be prevented before they are even launched. Additionally, due to the frequency of these attacks, MSSPs are equipped with a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies that in-house cybersecurity teams may not be familiar with. These tools allow for quick detection and elimination of cyber threats.

Moreover, the expertise of MSSP professionals, combined with their tools, ensures that any threat that manages to slip through and infiltrate a company’s cyberspace is dealt with promptly before it can cause significant harm.

3. In-house IT Benefits

Hiring an MSSP can bring benefits not only to a company but also to its internal IT service team. By engaging an MSSP, the internal IT services team can free up their time and resources from the heavy burden of cyber security responsibilities and focus on other aspects of the business. 

Additionally, the company can save a significant amount of money that would have been spent on training the in-house IT team to become cyber security experts. Moreover, if the internal IT team needs to gain knowledge or skills related to cyber security, they can access the expertise and guidance of top industry professionals provided by the MSSP.

4. Positive Side-Effects

In addition to the specific benefits for a company’s internal IT team, Managed IT Security Services can also offer more general advantages. For instance, MSSPs stay informed about the latest developments in cyber security and data regulations, which many companies may not always be aware of. 

This knowledge can help businesses stay compliant and up-to-date with such standards. Moreover, companies may sometimes invest in IT security packages that are not fully utilised. An MSSP can identify such underutilization and leverage all available resources to maximise the effectiveness of the company’s IT security measures.

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